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J&R Automotive Expertise

Designing and deploying an effective system requires a great many skills. J&R Design Systems is the premier solution provider of fluid control systems. J&R can provide turnkey solutions including design, fabrication, assembly, installation, testing, and commissioning.

We provide detailed and professional project management to help our clients produce effective solutions to complex fluid delivery systems. J&R Design Systems has been providing the top automotive suppliers and manufacturers flow engineering solutions for  over 25 years. Our teams of designers, engineers, fabricators, and installers understand the specific needs of developing effective and affordable turnkey solutions for the automotive industry.

Industry leaders like Toyota, Honda and General Motors call on J&R Design Systems for the engineering experience to design solvent borne, waterborne, and high viscosity systems to meet sophisticated process requirements. Our clients have come to expect the creative ideas the J&R team produces to reduce cost while maintaining quality assurance.

J&R Design Systems experience on low viscosity and high viscosity turnkey projects throughout the world means you can expect total project management from a single company. Our mechanical and electrical contractors have experience coordinating activities with multiple skilled contractors in a limited work area and the flexibility to adjust their work shifts to expedite installations and avoid congestion related delays. 

You can contact us right now via email! Simply click the Learn More link below and submit your inquiry. Additioanl contact information is also provided. The people of J&R Design Systems understand the complexities of fluid engeenering. Our 25+ years of design, engeenering, and installation will give your company the competitive advantage you need.
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