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Engineering the Principles of Fluid and Temperature

BERNOULLI'S PRINCIPLE - With an ideal fluid, with no work being performed on the fluid, an increase in velocity occurs simultaneously with a decrease in pressure or gravitational energy.

As a fluid passes through a pipe that narrows or widens, the velocity and pressure of the fluid vary. As the pipe narrows, the fluid flows more quickly. Surprisingly, Bernoulli's Principle tells us that as the fluid flows more quickly through the narrow sections, the pressure actually decreases rather than increases!

Add in factors of heat, viscosity, complex delivery systems and you can be left bewildered when you can't achieve the flows and pressure you require.

Our team of professionals at J&R Design Systems understands these complex principles and their interaction in fluid delivery systems. Our extensive experience designing systems for varied industrial applications is the key to our successful deployment of turnkey solutions under diverse environmental conditions. Contact us to receive more information how J&R Design Systems can help with your project.

Daniel Bernoulli was a Dutch-born member of the Swiss mathematical family. Bernoulli's Principle can often be difficult to envision. For an excellent interactive demonstration of the basic principles, click the Learn More link below. You can contact us right now via email! Simply click the Learn More link and submit your inquiry. Additioanl contact information is also provided.
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