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Thermo Fluid Delivery Solutions For Industry

Designing a fluid delivery system can often be very complex. Hydraulically balancing the fluids with a multiple delivery points so that proper flow and pressure can be achieved at many locations, simutaniously is very difficult. To manage these fluids while viscosity, pressure, density and temperature are all changing is more difficult than many project managers realize. And using non Newtonian fluids make this even more challenging as the sheer viscosity changes.

J&R Design Systems can provide turnkey solutions including design, fabrication, assembly, installation, testing and commissioning. We can manufacture custom heat transfer systems to provide just enough heat to protect your process with the right temperature and viscosity of your fluid. We provide detailed and professional project management to help our clients produce effective solutions to complex thermo-fluid delivery problems.

The people of J&R Design Systems understand the complexities of fluid engineering. Our 25+ years of design, engineering, and installation will give your company the competitive advantage you need. J&R Design Systems list of top automotive industry clients provides confidence that your project will recieve attention to detail from initial design concept to final installation and commissioning.
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