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With our engineering team utilizing both 3D and 2D design platforms, we can completely
engineer and visualize the final installation integrated with the customers surrounding
equipment (spraybooths, mix rooms, automation, etc.).

This allows us to identify and resolve interferences prior to the installation beginning resulting in shorter installation durations and overall project costs. Our designers and engineers are extremely knowledgeable with significant experience in the industry allowing us apply the experience to provide the best possible products in the industry.

paint mix room.jpg

At the forefront of a properly operating material circulation system are the complex system 

calculations that are performed in the early stages of the design based on circulating material viscosity, shear, temperature, etc. Our engineering leads have 25+ years of experience working with these complex calculations.

J & R Design Systems invented the hydraulically balanced two piped paint circulation systems used throughout the industry today and several of the engineers that worked with J & R Design Systems, Inc to invent the 2-pipe system still work with us today.


Cost Proposals


Bid Package Proposals


Conceptual Designs

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Technical Documentation

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Detailed Designs

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Material Studies

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International Compliance



Paint Circulation Module (1).JPG

Our sister company, Precise Finishing Systems, fabrication facility is located in Howell, Michigan. As an ASME and TSSA certified shop, they have the ability to meet the demands of US and international standards. Precise can design, fabricate, and certify boilers, pressure vessels and other pressure retaining items to ASME U, H, and R stamps as well as ASME B31.3.


Our shop employees have a large mechanical and electrical background and are highly qualified at welding pipe and structure on various metals from Stainless and Carbon Steel, to Aluminum, and Hastelloy.

Every system is required to pass a full pressure and crater test before shipping. The pressureand crater testing results are kept on file and are available to all customers. We encourage ourcustomers to visit our fabrication facility to review the fabrication throughout the project. Our Whitmore Lake fabrication facility includes the following:

20,000 Sq/Ft Facility

480 VAC Power Supplies

Compressed Air System

Multiple TIG, MIG, & Flux Welding Stations

Fabrication Machinery & Pipe Tooling



For turn key projects, we partner with proven mechanical/installation subcontractors. The
installation subcontractors have vast experience fabricating and installing Low Viscosity and
High Viscosity circulation systems and the high quality and cleanliness level that is required to
ensure a world class paint finish.

Our team of Project Managers and Engineers work with the subcontractors on the job site to ensure that the systems are being installed safely, on schedule and at the highest level of quality which are major factors that separates J & R Design Systems installations apart from our competitors.



Field Install.png

J & R Design Systems offers start-up, commissioning, and training for each system sold with the ability to support our customers all over the world. We provide prompt customer field service response for new installations, or existing systems requiring repair or routine maintenance as well as support for system setup for new materials. Our support can be planned in advance or in response to emergency situations.

Start Up & Commissioning

System Flushes

Flow Testing & System Balancing


System Health Checks Audits

Field Service Repairs

Emergency Support

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