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J & R Design Systems is a US based company specializing in Low Viscosity and High Viscosity material circulation systems for the Automotive, Aerospace and General Industrial Markets. From Engineering, Fabrication, Installation, Commissioning and Field Support – J & R Design Systems has all the tools to manage complex projects and deliver high quality systems that meet our customers unique and difficult requirements.


We strive to continue to build long-term client relationships based on trust, respect and balance.


In 1987 Ron Morin invented and received a United States Patent for a two-pipe liquid distribution system. The two-pipe design became the “standard” for all paint circulation systems.

In 1992 J & R Design Systems was purchased by Frank Taube Sr., Frank Taube Jr., and Chris Schweizer. The company was relocated to offices in Novi, Michigan. J & R Design Systems continued to offer bid/design drawings and bid specifications to owners, booth contractors and mechanical contractors, provided by our “engineering based team”.

In 2005 Frank Taube Sr., Retired. Frank Taube Jr., and Chris Schweizer remain partners in J & R Design Systems.

Company Founded in 1979 by Rolland (Ron) Morin, South Rockwood Michigan. Ron left Ford Motor Company body and assembly division after working with Ford’s Engineering team that specialized in paint circulation system design. Ron provided bid/design drawings and bid specifications to owners, booth contractors and mechanical contractors for the installation of paint circulation systems.

In 1989-1990 the two-pipe design was used for the waterborne paint circulation system at Saturn, Springhill, TN. Since that time the two-pipe design has become the “industry standard” for waterborne systems.

In 1998 J & R Design Systems relocated to our current location in Walled Lake, Michigan.


To use our extensive design and engineering experience to safely deliver the world’s best material circulation systems; enabling our clients to produce best in class products with minimal defects, maintenance, and downtime.

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